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Professional wireless remote control provider

Anping Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Government set up a set of wireless electronic product development, production and sales in one of the enterprises, located in China's largest electronic products distribution center - Shenzhen. Companies rely on the Pearl River Delta coastal areas of economic advantages, advanced technology and acceptance of the advantages of advanced concepts to close to the market, user-friendly criteria for the development of a certain scientific and technological content, mature stable, easy to use, suitable for mass consumption of high-tech products , And to establish a good product development system, production system, sales system, service system. In product quality we strictly grasp every aspect, and strive to do better products!

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Li Keqiang: Internet + manufacturing is the only way for industrial development

'Internet' is an important support for 'Made in China 2025', to promote the integration of manufacturing


"Wireless remote control" by definition, is a device used to remotely control the machine, the first by the United States of America

Remote switch is not only a switch function, it is an alternative to the traditional wall switch at the same time